Board Pitch

Pitching to the Board photo

The Bethpage Union Free School District Board of Education welcomed members of the Bethpage High School Virtual Enterprise program to the Feb. 26 meeting to share their growth as a class.

Students involved in the two companies, MiSport and STEALTH Fitness, have enjoyed successful growth that resulted in awards at the January VE Trade Show hosted by LIU Post. At the Board meeting, the leaders of each company had the special opportunity to present their businesses. Superintendent of Schools David Schneider spoke about the growing VE program in the high school, then Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Michael Spence introduced the students and the work they have done.

“We are very proud of the efforts, dedication and hard work of these students as they have treated their companies as real-world professionals,” said Mr. Spence.

MiSport was built to offer personal training to all athletes through state-of-the art sporting equipment. The equipment provides real-time evaluations and feedback that guides users to the corrected form and technique specialized in their desired sport. Meanwhile, STEALTH Fitness is a subscription-based company where customers have access to diet plans, workout routines and supplement products. Each package is personally tailored to the customer for age, weight and goal.

The members of each VE company shared the various details of their venture from the start to present, including the awards won at the LIU Post Trade Show. The students also had the opportunity to express how the experience in the VE program at Bethpage has helped influence the career path they will look to study in college.

“The work done by each of these groups is impressive and should be saluted as the program grows under the leadership of teachers Nancy Simpson and Anthony Murray,” said Mr. Schneider. “We are excited for the future of these companies, students and the program.” 

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