Heroes Against Bullying

Heroes Against Bullying photo

Students from John F. Kennedy Middle School visited classrooms at Charles Campagne Elementary School on Feb. 27 to give an anti-bullying presentation.

The JFK students split into groups to visit third-, fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms to spotlight anti-bullying. The presentations concentrated on defining bullying, which was followed by discussions about examples of superheroes. The latter component was used to show how students can stand up to bullies in positive and impactful ways and help prevent negative behaviors. 

The superhero analogy was also used to show how students can use “super powers” for the good of standing up to a bully. Younger students engaged in an exercise in which they identified super powers that they would use to help stop or prevent bullying. The lesson concluded with students illustrating what they would look like as a superhero standing up to bullying.

The district thanks the JFK students for taking the time to present a very important message on anti-bullying to our younger students.

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