Cooking Up Pi

Cooking Up Pi photo

The district celebrated Pi Day on March 14 with contests at Bethpage High School and John F. Kennedy Middle School.

Students were tasked with reciting as many correct numbers in a row as possible in the numerical value of Pi. JFK sixth-grader Joey Bashker earned top honors in the district for this year by naming 202 digits. Seventh-grader Arsh Singh finished in second place with 132 digits.

Freshman Gulam Abbas was the individual winner at the high school with 130 digits in a row. In an additional contest, students embraced the challenge of going around in a circle naming one digit at a time. Junior Geanna Koulouris was the final contestant standing to earn a t-shirt along with Gulam.

The district congratulates all of the participating students for helping to celebrate Pi with this fun contest. 

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