Mind, Body and Health

Mind, Body and Health photo

Instructors from the Karate Academy of Bethpage visited Kramer Lane Elementary School on March 12 as part of the school’s Brown Bag Seminar Series.

Academy teachers Larry Batista, Insaf Abdurrasheed and Raul Sanchez provided an exercise lesson that included stretching, an agility ladder and relay races for students in fourth- and fifth-graders. The instructors volunteered to be a part of the series thanks to some students that attend the academy.
“We came to talk to the kids about the importance of health and fitness and taking care of their bodies and minds,” said Batista. “We also wanted to make sure they’re not bullying and are treating each other kindly, to have a successful and safe school year.”

The goal of the Brown Bag Seminar Series is to introduce students to ideas and information that may inspire them. 

“Thank you to the instructors of the Karate Academy of Bethpage for being part of our series and visiting our students,” said Principal Kerri McCarthy.

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