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Bethpage High School Research students competed in the 2018-19 LISEF and JV LISEF fair. 

 -- Savannah Boncic (10) - The Effect of Detergent Types on Eisenia fetida Survival
-- Soham Maiti (12) Derivation and Applications of Lorentz's Transform and Association with Einstein's E=MC^2
-- Scott Merforgel (12) - The Effect of Distance and Angles on Light Intensity
 -- ‚ÄčAdina Rahman‚Äč(11) - The Effect of Different pH Level Environments on the Release of Mercury in Dental Amalgam
 -- John Schmidt (12) - The Effect of Pitch Counts on the Outcome of a Major League Baseball Game

Congratulations to Soham Maiti for placing 4th at LISEF in his category! He was also the recipient of the Mu Alpha Theta Award for the most challenging, thorough, and creative investigation of a problem involving mathematics. 

Special thanks to Mr. Pollatos for his continued guidance and support of the Research students!

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