Authors Sharing with Authors

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Students in Patricia Tierney’s second-grade class at Central Boulevard Elementary School joined members of Barbara Cataldi’s fourth-grade class to celebrate writing achievements on March 21.

Mrs. Tierney’s students brought their recently created advertisements to Ms. Cataldi’s classroom to share with her students. The second-graders presented their ideas, which included advertisements on popcorn chicken, nachos, soccer and others as part of their second unit on the writing process.

Ms. Cataldi’s class also shared a recent writing assignment on the book “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt. Students were tasked with paraphrasing an argument for a specific crayon color from the novel about how their color is the most used and popular. 

The students had the opportunity to walk around the classroom and share their projects with their peers. Ms. Cataldi’s class created an “author’s chair” to help the second-graders feel comfortable while presenting their projects.

“Both classes worked very hard throughout the writing process and were very excited to share their assignments,” said Mrs. Tierney.  

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