Protecting from the Sun

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Kindergarten classes at Charles Campagne Elementary School explored the importance of sun safety in a fun way, thanks to a “Sunshine on My Shoulders” experiment held in the STEM lab during the week of April 2.

Each class and teacher participated in a two-day exercise with STEM teacher Vidya Sridharan. The focus was on how sunblock can protect from the sun’s ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn. Students created bracelets with six sun-changing beads attached. On the first day, students went outside to see how the beads changed colors almost instantly when in the sun. On day two, sunblock was applied to three of the beads. When the sun shone on them this time, the protected beads did not change color, indicating that the sunblock was effective.

The students finished the lesson by recording their results, including the colors that appeared on the beads when exposed to the sun.

“This was a fun and educational way to demonstrate to the students how powerful the sun can be and how protection such as sunblock can help on a sunny day,” said Mrs. Sridharan.

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