Making a Water Difference

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Art classes at Kramer Lane Elementary School and Charles Campagne Elementary School recently participated in the Bethpage Water District’s water conservation poster contest.

Posters were created by students to address the question of “how can I make a difference by conserving water?” The program offers an opportunity to focus student and community attention on the multiple, vital benefits that come from simply cutting back water usage. The contest aims to encourage students to learn more about how they can make a positive impact in the neighborhood. 

The students’ projects creatively promoted the conservation of water. Through images and text, they stressed the importance of not leaving water running, turning off appliances and taking steps to save water. 

The re-launch of the contest is part of the water district’s celebration of Earth Day on April 22. Prizes will be awarded in June for each participating grade level as well as a special recognition from the Board of Commissioners for the best message.

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