Importance of Being Green

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First graders at Charles Campagne Elementary School enjoyed a “Go Green” program presented by Long Island Center for Arts and Sciences representative Lynn Quigley on April 29.

Ms. Quigley emphasized the three important “R” words of keeping the Earth safe for all – reuse, recycle and reduce. Using illustrations, she demonstrated ways that small changes to daily activities can make a big difference in preserving water and recycling, and identified materials that can be used more than once. These methods showed each student how they can shrink their carbon footprint and help better the planet.

Students were also fortunate enough to create their own recycled flower pots using old newspapers, in which they each planted a sunflower seed. Students brought their plants home with the goal of nurturing them to grow.

The district thanks Ms. Quigley for visiting Charles Campagne to further the first grade’s knowledge on best practices of going green.