Not a Plane, It’s a Bird

Not a Plane, It’s a Bird photo thumbnail118902

First grade classes at Charles Campagne Elementary School welcomed Donna Waldenburg of the Long Island Center for Arts and Sciences for the “It’s a Bird” program on May 8.

Ms. Waldenburg spoke to the first graders about the various types of birds and how each one serves different purposes on the planet. She discussed the different environments and diets of the species and allowed each student to examine a turkey feather and observe its appearance and touch.

After learning about birds such as penguins, woodpeckers, peafowls, cardinals and many more, students had the opportunity to create bird feeders. Using a pine cone and other supplies distributed by Ms. Waldenburg, each student added their own personal touches and constructed bird feeder to bring home.

Charles Campagne thanks Ms. Waldenburg for educating the first grade classes on the importance of birds and how they can play a part in supporting local bird species.

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