Science Research Awards

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Our Bethpage High School Science Research students participated in two research award ceremonies this past week and earned extremely high placement rankings along with monetary awards.

  • The Engineering Design Challenge
       Maya Maciel-Seidman, Grade 10: Arduino-Powered Dehydration Sensor: A Novel Device to Save Lives - 1st Place
  • Long Island Science Congress (LISC)
       Aurrel Bhatia, Grade 9: A Time Series Analysis of the Temperature Variance Since the 1980's - Most Distinguished Categorical Project and State Congress Nominee
    Dimitrios Nerantzinis, Grade 9: Effect of Hydrocarbon Combustion in Microbial Fuel Cell on Growth of Brassica oleraceaMost Distinguished Categorical Project and State Congress Nominee
       Theresa Thulasidas, Grade 9 and Ava Zingone, Grade 9: The Effect of Different Reflective Material on the Amount of Solar Energy Produced When Using Optimal Pigmentation - Most Distinguished Categorical Project
       Ruchitha Channapatna, Grade 9: The Effect of Different Environmental Factors on the Amount of Polyethylene Plastic by Galleria mellonella Larvae: A Focused Study on the Optimal Temperature and pH - High Honors Ranking and Micro-Optics Award (Microscope)
       Samar Singh, Grade 9 and Sukjraj Singh, Grade 9: The Effect of Different Aerodynamic Designs on the Altitude of a Poly-lactic Acid Sugar Rocket - Honors Ranking

Special thanks to Mr. Pollatos and Ms. Papetti for their continued guidance and support of their students and their research. 

The Bethpage Schools community congratulates all of these students on their hard work and accomplishments!

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