Bethpage High School students, Josette Bernberg, Suzanne Gregorian and Deena Hadhoud attended a speaking engagement at the UUCSR in Manhasset, LI on Saturday, January 19th at 7pm. Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Kathy Kelly spoke about her most recent of the twelve trips she has taken to Afghanistan, relaying reality from an on-the-ground perspective. The students were accompanied by BHS graduate Annie Bernberg and Deena Hadhoud's mother, Debbie Sciame. Ms Kelly emphasized the efforts made on the part of the Bethpage students to highlight the importance of youth in action. In addition, Ariel Flajnik from Hofstra's Center for Civic Engagement represented college-age youth made a committment to further initiatives presented by Ms. Kelly and the Afghan Youth Volunteers who ask to connect worldwide with friends on SKYPE each 21st of every month through the Global Days of Listening. Handmade Afghan scarves will be a part of this committment for much-needed support for the educational and vocational initiatives of Afghan youth in training and development. The Global Days of Listening program has been introduced at Bethpage High School delving into bridging cultures, using technology, creating understanding and promoting inquiry into current events in Afghanistan and other parts of the world through simple means of contact, listening, connecting with the hope of bringing more understanding. BHS Student Civic has sponsored the Global Days of Listening at Bethpage High School since September 2010 with participating students having noteworthy interest in the program. BHS Student Civic presented a connection of this program at Adelphi University and the United Nations last year and looks forward to increased interest inquiry and participation on the part of students wishing to learn more. Much appreciation to all who lend their positive support for this project.

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