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Mr. Chris Pollatos
Director of Science K-12
Phone: 516-644-4168
Fax: 516-644-4189



Bethpage Curriculum and Projects:


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Department Faculty

John F. Kennedy
Middle School
Ms. Jill Bennardo
Mr. Stephen Carroll
Mr. Vincent Perez
Ms. Elizabeth Raia
Mr. James Ravener
Mr. Dennis Sciacca
Ms. Gabriella Siminerio


Bethpage High School
Mr. John Como
Ms. Jennifer Corrado
Ms. Nicole Dulaney
Ms. Kelly Flanagan
Mr. Joseph Inghilterra
Ms. Janine Maher
Ms. Michelle Maio
Ms. Jeanna Martino
Ms. Patricia Pane
Ms. Zoe Papetti
Mr. Chris Pollatos
Mr. Larry Portuese
Ms. Susan Sciglibaglio
Ms. Jessica Zabell
Ms. Tess Strauch
Mr. Ron Tauriello