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Contacting Bethpage Union Free School District




of Schools
Mr. Dave Schneider ADMIN 516-644-4001
Assistant Superintendent
for Business
Mr. Scott Harrington ADMIN 516-644-4030
Assistant Superintendent
for Human Resources
Ms. Caroline Lavelle ADMIN 516-644-4050
Assistant Superintendent
for Instruction
Mr. Michael Spence ADMIN 516-644-4005
Executive Director
for Pupil Personnel Services

Ms. Lisa Lucchesi BHS

Bethpage High School
Mr. Nicholas Jantz BHS 516-644-4100
Assistant Principal,
Bethpage High School
Mr. Kevin Healy BHS 516-644-4100
Assistant Principal,
Bethpage High School
Mr. Ralph Tocco  BHS 516-644-4100
John F. Kennedy Middle School
Mr. Kevin Fullerton  JFK 516-644-4200
 Assistant Principal,
John F. Kennedy Middle School
Ms. Erin Hayes JFK 516-644-4200
Central Boulevard Elementary School
Ms. Dominique Siebert CBS 516-644-4300
 Assistant Principal,
Central Boulevard Elementary School
Mrs. Julianne Inghilterra CBS  516-644-4300
Charles Campagne Elementary School
Mrs. Erin Lindsay-DiFiglia CCS 516-644-4400
Kramer Lane Elementary School
Ms. Kerri McCarthy KLS 516-644-4500

 Director of Athletics,
Physical Education, & Health
Mr. John Franchi BHS 516-644-4070
 Director of
Continuing Education
Mrs. Susan Sciglibaglio & Mr. Christopher DeStefano BHS 516-644-4180
 Director of
Fine and Performing Arts
 Ms. Alyssa White BHS  516-644-4165
 Director of Literacy &
English Language Arts
Ms. Valerie Filbry BHS 516-644-4062
 Director of
Mr. Thomas Kenny BHS 516-644-4120
 Director of
Mr. John Titolo BHS 516-644-4061
 Director of
Operations and Facilities
Mr. Peter Cavassa ADMIN 516-644-4038
 Director of
Mr. Chris Pollatos BHS 516-644-4000
 Director of
Special Education
Ms. Jeanine Ceccoli BHS 516-644-4020
 Director of
Mr. Andrew Choi BHS 516-644-4067

 Security ADMIN 516-644-4037
(during school)
(after school)


Location Legend:

Location Address
ADMIN  Bethpage Administration - 10 Cherry Avenue; Bethpage, NY 11714
BHS Bethpage High School - 10 Cherry Avenue; Bethpage, NY 11714 
JFK  John F. Kennedy Middle School - 500 Broadway; Bethpage, NY 11714
CBS Central Boulevard Elementary School - 60 Central Boulevard; Bethpage, NY 11714
CCS Charles Campagne Elementary School - 601 Plainview Road; Bethpage, NY 11714
KLS Kramer Lane Elementary School - 1 Kramer Lane; Plainview, NY 11803