Bethpage High School educator Ms. Tess Strauch was recently selected by Siemens and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to appear on their Video Webinar Series and share best practices, as well as personal insight about project and problem-based learning methods for high school students through the Engineering perspective. Ms. Strauch teaches a range of courses at Bethpage High School including Physics, Marine Biology, and Engineering and she has used project and problem-based learning strategies to produce great student achievement. This past school year was her first year teaching Engineering using the Siemens Engineering Design Curriculum. This curriculum is designed as a project based learning program and is very easy to adapt various projects to suit a range of students. The video webinar series can be accessed at the link below. Bethpage Schools congratulates Ms. Strauch on being selected by Siemens and ASME!

ASME Siemens Video Webinar Series