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Class of 2020 Letters

Please refer to the letters below for the Class of 2020 pertaining to End of Year activities.

End of Year Events


Decision Day 2020

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Check out where the Bethpage High School Class of 2020 will be headed next after their commencement ceremonies!  Congratulations to the Class of 2020 on all of their achievements!  Bethpage Schools would like to wish all of the seniors continued success in their future endeavors and to remember, "once an eagle, always an eagle!" #WeAreBethpage

Video: Decision Day 2020

12th Annual Zeus Retires Debates

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On Monday, June 1, 2020, students in Mrs. Klein's Social Studies classes participated in the 12th Annual Zeus Retires Debates.  While the event has traditionally taken place in person, the current climate forced the debate to take place through the use of a Google Meet.  Students selected a Greek god or goddess and using their research and learned knowledge they advocated why they should be Zeus' heir apparent as ruler of Mount Olympus upon his retirement.  Zeus was played by Mrs. Klein's father, Mr. Morselli.  Each student dressed as their god or goddess, delivered their persuasive speech, and also had the opportunity to pose questions to one another.  The students were judged on their costume, their persuasive speech, and their answer to questions posed by their opponents.  The winning students will be awarded the coveted golden lightning bolt, which will be delivered by Zeus and Mrs. Klein!  Special thanks to Mrs. Klein and Mr. Morselli for continuing this creative project for students to share their learned knowledge.

Photo Gallery

Video Archive of the 12th Annual Zeus Retires Debates

Budget Hearing - May 28, 2020

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Due to current health and safety concerns, tonight’s Budget Hearing is available through livestream via Google Meet.  If you wish to join the live meeting, please click on the Budget Hearing link below.  This meeting will be recorded and a transcript of the meeting will be made available thereafter.  Please note that due to the technology that is being utilized, we will do our best to take questions or comments from the community during this meeting.   If there are questions in advance or after the Budget Hearing, please contact the Superintendent of Schools via e-mail at  We will then respond to all questions appropriately.


2020-21 Budget Hearing Presentation

Video Archive of Budget Hearing

2020-21 Grade 3 Violin Program

3rd Grade Students!  Learn to play the violin! All incoming Grade 3 students are invited to sign up for violin lessons next year!   This is a great introduction to the Bethpage instrumental music program, which continues with Band and Orchestra in Grade 4 and Grade 5.  Please click on the link below for registration information and program details.

Students who participate in the Grade 3 Violin Program will be able to rent an instrument from their elementary school for a $50.00 annual fee. Children will receive group instruction weekly and will be able to participate in a public performance in the spring. 

3rd Grade Violin Program

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