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Kramer Lane Students Journey Back To Colonial Times

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Second graders in Andrea Morelli’s class at Kramer Lane Elementary in the Bethpage Union Free School District participated in Nassau BOCES’ Colonial Crafts program on Nov. 8. BOCES naturalists Mary Watros and Bette Bass taught the students about pioneer life hundreds of years ago and brought the supplies to make corn husk dolls. Using just corn husks, yarn and some fabric, the students made their own Colonial-style dolls. 

The activity came just in time for Thanksgiving, and the students were excited to have their families use the handmade dolls as decorations. The district thanks Nassau BOCES and the instructors for facilitating this lesson. 

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John F. Kennedy Middle School Celebrates Soaring Eagles Day

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John F. Kennedy Middle School in the Bethpage Union Free School District celebrated Soaring Eagles Day recently. The day centered around two inspiring assemblies, “Socializing without Social Media” by Scott Baker and “Healthy Decisions: Do One Thing Different” by Steve Pinto. The message of the day was dedicated to the importance of possessing good character and the power of making good choices. 

Soaring Eagles Day concluded with a pep rally, during which each sports team displayed the special cause that they had brought awareness to during their season. JFK students also surprised and honored their school nurses as “Unsung Heroes” during the pep rally, presenting them with hearts with messages on them from the entire school. 

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Central Boulevard School Introduces Responsive Classroom Approach

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The Bethpage Union Free School District will be conducting in-services classes in all three of their elementary schools to train teachers the Responsive Classroom approach. Currently, thirty-three teachers are trained in the approach and the district is planning to reach more by piloting an in-service professional development class.

During the October 29, 2019 Bethpage Board of Education meeting, two trained educators from Central Boulevard Elementary School, Jeanine Ceccoli and Allison Robb, presented an in-depth demonstration on the Responsive Classroom approach. The evidenced-based approach focuses on creating an orderly learning environment that enhances students’ academic skills and achievements. With six guiding principles, Responsive Classrooms teach that social and emotional skills are as important as academic content and stresses that how an educator teaches is as important as what they teach. 

“It’s all about mindset. I want my students to feel comfortable and confident and know it’s okay to make mistakes and take risks in the classroom,” said Robb. Ceccoli and Robb utilize online libraries of videos from themselves and colleagues to share and learn more about certain tactics.

Steve Furrey, principal of Central Boulevard Elementary School, believes the Responsive Classroom approach is the “single most powerful thing” he’s seen in classrooms in his forty years as an educator. 

Two students from Central Boulevard, Amanda Schneider and Mizuki Hashimoto, were able to speak on their experience with the Responsive Classroom approach. “I feel energized, focused and like I get to know my classmates,” said Schneider.  The students demonstrated a specific tactic in the approach known as an Energizer, a short, playful, and whole-group activity used as brain breaks for the students. 

More information on the Responsive Classroom approach can be found on their website,

Bethpage Students Learn Important Lesson from Sen. James Gaughran

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First grade students at Charles Campagne Elementary in the Bethpage Union Free School District recently received a special visit from Sen. James Gaughran. Dressed in their favorite pajamas as a kickoff to School Spirit Week, the students were all ears as they gathered in the school’s STEM lab to listen to Gaughran read them “Grumpy Monkey.” 

The book’s message is about acknowledging feelings, even the bad ones. 

With Superintendent Dave Schneider and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Michael Spence listening in, the first graders learned an important lesson about expressing themselves. 

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Trick-Or-Treaters Fill The Halls Of Bethpage High School

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Hundreds of children in the Bethpage community dressed up in costumes to attend Bethpage High School’s Safe Halloween, sponsored by the school’s PTA, on Oct. 25. 

Sports teams, clubs and other organizations from the high school were invited to create themes and decorate classrooms for the trick-or-treaters to visit. The classrooms were adorned with spooky decorations, fun activities and, of course, treats for the younger children. The district thanks the PTA, students, faculty and parents who gave time and resources to make the event a success for all those involved. 

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