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ACE Impresses Board

Students in the ASPIRE, Academy and ACE programs gave a great presentation to the Board of Education about their programs.  They were very impressive!  Each student talked about their favorite classes or events.  Their teachers were VERY proud!  Thanks to all the students and their teachers who came out to support them!

JFK Celebrates Halloween!

JFK held its Annual Halloween Party with lots of great costumes, music and dancing!  Over 400 students came to the party along with lots of teachers and staff who were dressed as board games!  A great time was had by all!

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JFK Pep Rally

Congratulations to JFK on a very successful Pep Rally!  All the teams participated and presented posters and cards to the athletes from Special Olympics!  Talent was displayed by many JFK signers as well as byZiggy Cohen on unicyle and Caio DaSilva in Martial Arts! A surprise visit from the Bethpage Eagle made everything more special!  Thanks to all the teachers, coaches, students, staff and administrators for making it such a great event!

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Gardening at JFK


On October 10, the JFK Kiwanis Builders Club, and advisor, Mrs. Ciarniello,  helped plant the back garden of JFK,  just outside the gym. Twenty members showed up to dig holes, arrange plants, and clean up this garden. Now,  when people attend games on the field, they will see a new and lovely garden. A special shout out to Mrs. Dircks, the PTA person who arranged this activity for the club, by obtaining the plants, and bringing gloves and garden shovels. The kids worked hard, had fun and within a half hour, everything was finished. 

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