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Charles Campagne Celebrates Thanksgiving

Charles Campagne Second Graders along with their teachers celebrated Thanksgiving with a great presentation about the history of the holiday and then an arts and crafts project.  It was a great event!  Thanks to everyone!

Sweet Sounds Of Kindness

Sweet Sounds Of Kindness photo

Charles Campagne Elementary School students used the power of music to discuss respect, kindness and inclusion with the help of singer/songwriter Brian Chevalier.

In honor of October as National Bullying Prevention Month, Chevalier engaged students by teaching them song lyrics, sign language and choreography for each of his songs, which discussed ways to be a good friend, include others during recess and be a good citizen. 

While Chevalier sang, student volunteers took center stage to sing, reiterate the dance moves and sign the lyrics.  

Constructing A Witch’s Cottage

Constructing A Witch’s Cottage photo

Charles Campagne Elementary School first- and second-graders collaborated to build a new home for a “spooky friend” using toothpicks and gumdrops during a science, technology, engineering and mathematics lesson.

After reading “We’re Off to Find the Witch’s House” by Richard Krieb, first-grade teacher Kristen Rochford and second-grade teacher Daniella Flaim challenged their classes to build a structure that would house the witch using only the given materials. 

Working together, students brainstormed and constructed homes in various shapes that would protect the witch from the weather and unwanted visitors. They discussed how they built their homes and reflected on the challenges they faced and what they could have done better.