BHS Student Civic members Deena Hadhoud, Josett Bernberg, Lucas Lee and Mackenzie Pech attended Adelphi University's Levermore Global Scholars connection with the Afghan Peace Volunteers through a Global Day of Listening on Wednesday morning March 27, 2013 with advisor Ms. Rito and GDoL educational outreach coordinator, Susan Perretti. For two hours, university students from Adelphi and also their sister university in Norway connected with Afghan youth engaged in meaningful dialogue about the political, social and economic situation in that region. Professor Peter DeBartolo reviewed the geo-political and historical situation in Afghanistan for the students before connecting to Skype online with Kabul. Questions were asked about the role of women and education in Afghan society, the presence of foreigners on Afghan soil and the opinions of average Afghan youth as opposed to that which is heard and taken as policy from the media. For a brief moment, the bandwidth and broadcasting capacity from Afghanistan permitted a shadowy view via webcam of our friends waving as the university students smiled and waved back. At the end of the program, Professor DeBartolo addressed our BHS students and gave them brochures and literature on the Global Scholars program, emphasizing this initiative as one of many offered by Adelphi University into the exploration of higher education. Returning at noon at BHS, our students had witnessed that which the power of dialogue can do and realized that they are instrumental in bringing this Global Days of Listening program to other educational institutions.

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