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French Trip to Quebec

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From Saturday, February 27th through Tuesday, March 1, John F. Kennedy's 7th and 8th Grade French students enjoyed a fun-filled and educational trip to Quebec with chaperones Madame Ciarniello, Ms. Jaklitsch, Mr. Scarola, and Mr. Choi.  Some of our activities included tobogganing, snow tubing, dog-sledding, re-enacting soldiers' lives in the 1800's, visiting the amazing Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel), visiting the beautiful St. Anne's Basilica, and dancing at the Sugar Shack.  Of course, we did some shopping and walking around old Quebec City.  Students also sampled chocolate croissants, crepes, and "poutines" -- French fries with cheese and brown gravy.  Delicieux! This was an amazing and unforgettable trip! Photo Gallery
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