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Read To Achieve

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Third-grade students from all three elementary schools attended the annual Read to Achieve assembly at Bethpage High School, which was geared toward strengthening their interest in reading and reiterating its importance in their academic careers.

Kicking off the annual celebration, district administrators and several varsity team captains shared their favorite books and discussed why reading is essential to achieving academic success. Team captains also explained that one must perform well academically in order to be on a sports team. Students then enjoyed a performance from the varsity kickline team and cheerleaders.

Concluding the program, the third-graders assembled into groups to participate in basketball challenges with a high school varsity team captain.

A special thank-you to the Lions Club for donating dictionaries to every third-grader for the fifth consecutive year. Lions Club President George Hannau was on site at the Read to Achieve event for the distribution of the dictionary/almanacs. The Dictionary Project provides an opportunity for students to expand their vocabulary while aiding teachers in their goal of helping them to finish the school year as good writers, active readers and creative thinkers. 

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