On Friday, November 16, 2018, Kramer Lane Elementary School held their annual First Grade Thanksgiving Feast! Led by Mr. Wibben, the students performed for their parents and loved ones several Thanksgiving songs, such as "The Whacky Gobbler" while wearing sunglasses and "It's Thanksgiving Time" while waving their American flags. In addition to the songs, the students recited lines from memory about the history of Thanksgiving. The students then partnered up, formed longways sets, and performed a traditional Thanksgiving folk dance. The event culminated with a grand feast prepared by the First Grade parents. Special thanks to the custodial staff, Mr. Kevin and Mr. Nick for setting everything up so that the day could run smoothly. Thanks to Ms. Noskewicz for helping the students create their Pilgrim and Native American costumes! Finally, thanks to the First Grade Parents and the amazing First Grade Teachers: Mrs. Seewald, Ms. Schmidt, and Ms. Meehan for all of their help and support! Happy Thanksgiving!