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Testing Wind Strength

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The force and strength of student-created wind turbines were put to the test during a fifth grade STEM lab lesson at the Charles Campagne Elementary School.

As part of a recent three-day lesson, students worked in groups to construct wind turbines using a base of wood in addition to various forms of paper and tape to generate the machine’s blades. The following day, STEM teacher Srividya Sridharan tested each group’s work by using a classroom fan at different speeds. From there, students modified their turbines to move at all velocities.

The true evaluation of strength came when a bucket of marbles was attached to each turbine’s rotator. The experiment revealed the combination of strength and movement of the turbines and whether the machines could move at the low speed of the fan with weight. Students continued to add marbles to test the durability of their projects.

“The students really enjoyed this project as the lesson combined education and a sense of competition and excitement between groups,” said Mrs. Sridharan.

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