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Zeus Selects Successors at JFK

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The 11th Annual Zeus Retires Debates took place in Monica Klein’s sixth-grade social studies classes at John F. Kennedy Middle School on May 20, with five successors announced.

Zeus, played by Mrs. Klein’s father Ben Morselli, visited each class to determine the next ruler of Olympus as he retires from his throne. The gods, goddesses and heroes in each class held debates on how their attributes and characteristics make for the next great leader of Olympus. 

Each participating student dressed the part of a specific mythological figured and delivered persuasive speeches prior. Students also engaged in a peer question forum where they challenged the attributes of their opponents. After a discussion with Mrs. Klein, Zeus determined the next ruler of Olympus by awarding them the Golden Bolt.

Mrs. Klein congratulated all students for their dedication and hard work in preparing their presentations. Special acknowledgement went to the winners from each period: Olivia Greenfield as Themis, Joseph Bashker as Hades, Sara Bashker as Artemis, Dana Scruggs as Artemis and Matthew Cusumano as Ares.

“Another great display of research, presentation and debate skills by our sixth graders in the 11th Annual Zeus Retires Debates,” said Superintendent of Schools David Schneider. “Thank you to Mrs. Klein and her father for continuing this tradition at JFK.”

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