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Ethical Sharing

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Students in the high school’s Ethics Club visited Monica Klein’s JFK’s sixth grade social studies classes to host the Fifth Annual Ethics Socratic Circle on May 23.

The Ethics Club members spoke to five classes and presented an open-ended question to spark comfortable conversations. Students listened closely to the comments of their peers, discussed their own views and held an open dialogue with no right or wrong answers. The visit followed the sixth-graders’ recent completion of a philosophy lesson covering Socrates, Plato and Aristotle that was part of an ancient Greece unit. 

“It was my hope to promote ethics and academic integrity among all Bethpage students,” said Mrs. Klein. “I also hope that the sixth graders may become to inspired to join the Ethics Club when they join the high school in a few years.”

Mrs. Klein thanked seniors Soham Maiti and Jessica O’Keefe, junior Ujala Dar, Liz Freedman, Erica Marciante and Nicole Zacchie and freshman Bernardo Jimenenz for taking the time to engage and educate her classes.

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