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Collecting Crayons

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The “Thoughtful Thursday” monthly series continued at Central Boulevard Elementary School as students learned about the Crayon Initiative on May 23.

Created by Bryan Ware in 2011, the Crayon Initiative collects donated crayons from restaurants, schools and homes from across the country. Once gathered, the original crayons are melted, remanufactured and distributed to art programs at children’s hospitals across the United States.

To help with this cause, students at Central Boulevard will be collecting used crayons from June 3-14. This month’s Thoughtful Thursday focused on decorating collection boxes as well as making signs to promote the school-wide donation drive.

Patricia Tierney’s second grade class welcomed the help of Bethpage High School students as they created signs. The second graders buddied with the high school students to illustrate designs and text to promote their cause. 

Central Boulevard looks forward to collecting donated crayons to help with this thoughtful charity.

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