Bringing the Robots to Water

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High school studetns surrounded the building’s pool to participate in a robotics underwater submersion challenge on June 11.

The engineering class and the AP Physics 2 class came together with several groups competing for the top robot. Prior to testing the robots, students wore 1940s era Navy diving helmets as they explored the shallow and deep ends of the building’s pool to experience neutral buoyancy – an important concept in underwater ROV design.

To execute the successful design and build of a successful robot, the teams had to employ a high level of collaboration and communication in addition to implementing physics and math concepts. Robots were built through materials such as polyvinyl chloride piping, tape and Velcro that could pick up and retrieve objects from the pool floor. Drivers were only allowed to view their robots on a monitor to mimic real conditions researchers face when working deep below the ocean’s surface.

Teachers Christopher Hayes and Joseph Inghilterra congratulate the students on their hard work and innovation.

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