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In the News

Celebrating as Americans 

Second graders at Central Boulevard Elementary School showcased their knowledge about the state nation when they shared projects, presentations and an “Americans We” performance on June 7.

Each student showcased their state fair assignments that included fun facts, climate information, famous people and more as a large gallery in the school’s gymnasium. Next, the entire grade came together to perform Teresa Jennings’ musical revue “Americans We” to conclude the patriotic topic. 

“Americans We” is a celebration of the people, by the people and for the people. Through song, movement and dialogue the revue focuses on the American people and the roles that are served. The assembly concluded with the “Fifty States” song.

Central Boulevard congratulates all of the performers on a job well done!

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Expert Level Knowledge 

Fourth grade students at Central Boulevard Elementary School recently expanded their knowledge of certain topics by taking part in a Be an Expert project.

This past winter, students were each given a Be an Expert bag that contained several books on an area of focus. They completed assignments for each book that equipped them with information and facts. The culmination of the students’ work was presented on June 5, when they shared their finished projects. Themes included the American Revolution, auto racing, inventors and Ellis Island. 

Students had the choice of creating a trifold or a powerpoint demonstration to communicate the knowledge that might qualify them as experts. Following presentations, classmates added questions, comments and remarks based on the individual’s assignment.

Congratulations to the fourth graders that put in the effort to become experts! 

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Origami Workshop

Congratulations to Gavin Cha and Anderson Maziero, who led an Origami workshop for their peers as a 21st Century project. The students enjoyed learning from their instructors and are sad it ended so soon! Gavin and Anderson have inspired the participants to create new projects at home.  Well done to all of the participants!

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A STEAM Effort in Bethpage 

The district celebrated science, technology, engineering, art and math recently by a hosting Family STEAM Night at both Kramer Lane and Charles Campagne elementary schools.

Kramer Lane welcomed students along with their families on May 29. Teachers and volunteers led in-classroom activities such as space slime, rocket design, sun beads and gravity drop. In addition to the STEAM workshops, students’ art work was on display in an art show gallery in the school’s gymnasium.

Charles Campagne provided a similar evening of fun on May 30 with hands-on and interactive projects for students and families in the STEM lab and throughout the building.

“Thank you to the administrators, teachers, PTA and volunteers that supported Family STEAM Night at Kramer Lane and Charles Campagne,” said Superintendent of Schools David Schneider.

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Celebrating the Pride of Bethpage 

The district celebrated the accolades of staff members and students during a Board of Education meeting on May 28, which was preceded by a tenure reception.

Ten staff members were honored in the high school courtyard for receiving tenure. Superintendent David Schneider congratulated them for their dedication in making Bethpage a special district and reaching this career milestone.

“We are a family in Bethpage and these individuals showcase the commitment to continue to make our district special,” said Mr. Schneider. “Congratulations to all of the honorees for putting in the hard work to be recommended for tenure.”

The district congratulates Renee Balvin, Ashley Blatus, Carmelo Carbone, Andrew Choi, Kayleen Gonyon, Rosemarie Hale, Zachary Levy, Christine McGuire, Danielle Mole and Julianne Tierney for earning tenure. 

The Board of Education meeting followed in the high school’s small theatre, where the athletics department’s Captains’ Club was recognized along with students enrolled in the AP Art Studio course.

Art department chairperson Elena Cardo introduced a slide show that featured the work, accomplishments and future educational plans of students in the course. She also invited the Board of Education members and meeting attendees to view the gallery of work stationed in the main lobby.

Next, Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health John Franchi welcomed into the theatre the Captains’ Club, a group comprised of the captains for all 30 of the high school’s varsity athletic teams. Each student came to the front to announce the team they represented and share individual and team accomplishments from the past school year.  They were then presented with certificates of excellence by Mr. Schneider and Mr. Franchi. The seniors on hand also shared the college they will attend this fall.

The district congratulates all of the evening’s recognitions and thanks all individuals for representing Bethpage with pride!

Math Olympiads

Congratulations to all fifty students who participated in the Math Olympiad at Central Boulevard Elementary School this year! Students took part in five contests throughout the year and answered a total of twenty-five challenging questions from September and March. Ava Morgan earned a top score of 17 correct responses! There was a three-way tie for second place between Daniella Hoosack, Caroline O'Connell, and Megan Rebosa, with a total score of 14 correct responses. Ms. Robb is extremely proud of all of the participants and is looking forward to next year!


Argonauts Research Culminates in Incredible Fundraiser and Awareness

The Argonauts from Central Boulevard Elementary School, Charles Campagne Elementary School, and Kramer Lane Elementary School researched the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. They were shocked and heartbroken by the detrimental effects of plastic on the animals and the environment and how this can affect us all. Fortunately, our Golden Eagles developed a plan to help make a difference! They held a fundraiser to benefit the 4Ocean Organization and the Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation. 4Ocean is a global movement actively utilizing the latest technology to prevent, intercept, and remove trash from the ocean and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans. The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation is a non-profit organizing developing advanced technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic. Their passive drifting systems use the ocean currents to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 

The Argonauts fundraiser was held on Friday, May 10, 2019 at Central Boulevard Elementary School, where guests played games created by the Argonauts, shopped the bake sale, and explored a touch tank made possible by Mr. Portuese! The fundraiser was successful due to the planning and efforts of the Argonauts, their parents/guardians, Mrs. Yale, Mr. Titolo, Mrs. Tierney, Mrs. Yansick, Ms. Flaim, Mrs. Caliguri, Ms. Robb, Ms. Olsen, Mrs. Rothwell, Mr. Wibben, Mr. Flanagan, and the custodial staff at Central Boulevard. Special thanks to Omar Cambeiro, Emily Cohen, Taylor D'Agostino, Amari Harper, Nicholas Timoshenko, Gavin Trzcinski, and Michelle Zheng from Bethpage High School who also assisted during the fundraiser!

The fundraiser raised over $1,600!  Congratulations to everyone involved and for Mrs. Marcis for facilitating the overall efforts!

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Argonauts Homestead Ecology Field Trip

The Argonauts from Central Boulevard Elementary School, Charles Campagne Elementary School, and Kramer Lane Elementary School had the opportunity to explore the BOCES Homestead Ecology Program in Brookville. The students explored hands-on learning experiences through participation in Early American craft activities and the nature trail systems.


Special and Thoughtful Ribbons

The “Thoughtful Thursday” monthly series at the Central Boulevard Elementary School continues, and a special activity was held on April 11 with the intention of helping others. Exactly one month shy of the Long Island Special Olympics, students created artwork for the local event.

Grade levels were tasked with different activities that led to a collaborative compilation of decorations to support the Special Olympics participants. Kindergarten and first grade classes colored and cut out inspirational ribbons, while second graders prepared rainbows displaying special messages. Third and fourth grade classes wrote thank you notes for volunteers and the fifth graders illustrated posters for athlete encouragement. 

The district will host more than 500 athletes for the Long Island Special Olympics, which will take place at the high school’s athletic fields on May 11. 

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Two Milos Better Than One

Third graders at the Central Boulevard Elementary School utilized resources in the STEM lab to create Mars rovers named “Milo.”

“Milo” is a robot constructed from legos and programmed through the WeDo 2.0 application. Students worked with partners to build their “Milos,” then programmed them on an iPad to be controlled via Bluetooth capability. 

Each pair controlled their “Milo” in an attempt to pull a lego flower. On the following day, two groups combined their rovers to double the strength and create an easier pull. Additionally, using two “Milo” rovers allowed for turning and moving that was unavailable with just one.

The lesson incorporated technology and engineering while adding the fun of how scientists and astronauts use rovers in outer space.

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STEM Night

Students at Central Boulevard Elementary School enjoyed an evening of fun and educational activities at the first annual STEM Night on Monday, April 15, 2019. They participated in grade-level lessons in classrooms and the STEM Lab and enjoyed demonstrations by the John F. Kennedy Middle School FIRST Lego League Robotics Team, RoboEagles and the Bethpage High School FIRST Robotics Competition Team, Regal Eagles.  They even had the opportunity for hands-on practice with the robots in the Library Media Center.

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Save the Bees

Second graders at Central Boulevard Elementary School increased their knowledge of pollination with a “Save the Bees” lesson inside the school’s STEM lab.

Students were tasked with a fictional experiment of moving pollen from one flower to another to help the dying bees. Paper flowers created by each student included labels for the pollen, stamen, stigma, nectar and petal sections. Using a “pollinator” constructed from pipe cleaner, cotton and tape, students moved colored dust representing pollen from one flower to another as a hands-on test.

The experimentation capped off a lesson about the importance of bees in the growth of all flowers and plants that include fruits and vegetables. 

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Leaving a Thoughtful Mark 

The “Thoughtful Thursday” series at Central Boulevard Elementary School continued on March 28 as students created bookmarks in honor of National Library Week. Held from April 7-13, this initiative recognizes the value libraries provide every day as valuable tools and resources for all ages.

Students colored and decorated bookmarks that will be displayed and distributed to children at local libraries including the Bethpage Public Library. Additional bookmarks are also being sent to the Book Fairies in Freeport, which helps to connect less fortunate schools and organizations with donated books and accessories to foster a love of reading in children.

The district thanks the students for being thoughtful in helping others while also celebrating National Library week. 

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Celebrating Reading with Dr. Seuss 

The primary remedial reading teachers at Central Boulevard Elementary School held a Dr. Seuss themed reading celebration for students on March 22. They welcomed students to a set of four activities set up in the school’s all-purpose room.

Students rotated stations that featured Dr. Seuss’s famous books and characters. They created hats from Dr. Seuss’ “Cat in the Hat,” went “fishing for words” that they read aloud, visited a table full of books that they read to one another and enjoyed a Dr. Seuss board game that encouraged counting spaces.

The district congratulates these students for their reading progress and looks forward to their continued improvement.

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Authors Sharing with Authors 

Students in Patricia Tierney’s second-grade class at Central Boulevard Elementary School joined members of Barbara Cataldi’s fourth-grade class to celebrate writing achievements on March 21.

Mrs. Tierney’s students brought their recently created advertisements to Ms. Cataldi’s classroom to share with her students. The second-graders presented their ideas, which included advertisements on popcorn chicken, nachos, soccer and others as part of their second unit on the writing process.

Ms. Cataldi’s class also shared a recent writing assignment on the book “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt. Students were tasked with paraphrasing an argument for a specific crayon color from the novel about how their color is the most used and popular. 

The students had the opportunity to walk around the classroom and share their projects with their peers. Ms. Cataldi’s class created an “author’s chair” to help the second-graders feel comfortable while presenting their projects.

“Both classes worked very hard throughout the writing process and were very excited to share their assignments,” said Mrs. Tierney.  

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How to Help the Community 

Second-grade classes at Central Boulevard Elementary School were treated to visits from various community leaders on March 15, during the annual Community Helper Day.

The annual event put community leaders in front of students with enriching presentations and activities. The guests included parents and community volunteers who serve as fire department members, detectives, restaurant managers, nurses, fishermen and more.

The event serves as an excellent opportunity for students to connect with the local community leaders and professionals.

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Long Island Recorder Festival

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, select students in Grades 3-5 from Central Boulevard Elementary School, Charles Campagne Elementary School, and Kramer Lane Elementary School performed at the SCMEA Long Island Recorder Festival. Led by Mr. Wibben and Mr. O'Connor, our students joined over 150 students from schools across Long Island in a fun-filled day of recorder, culminating in a concert that afternoon for their parents and the Long Island community.

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Students in a Tizzy for Author Visit

The three elementary schools in the District were treated with a special visit from author Sarah Weeks from March 13-15.

Ms. Weeks visited one school per day and spoke to students about the writing process, the fun of writing and her collection of books. She also previewed her upcoming book, “Lizzy McTizzy and the Busy Dizzy Day,” to be released on Apr. 2. Additionally, she discussed the differences between an author and an illustrator, her inspirations for writing and her growth into a writer.

Ms. Week has written 59 books to this point in her career and is currently developing the next one. Her book “So B. It” won the 2006 Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award as well as the 2007 Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Book Award and the William Allen White Children’s Book Award.

The district thanks Ms. Weeks for visiting Bethpage as the entire community looks forward to her next release!

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Museum of Mathematics

On Saturday, March 9, 2019, fifth grade students from Central Boulevard Elementary School visited the Museum of Mathematics in Manhattan. The group enjoyed a workshop called "Mobius Madness" and explored the museum afterwards. Students were eager to participate in activities that were hands-on and required different problem solving strategies. Special thanks to all of our enthusiastic chaperones for making the day such a success!

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Friendship February

Students in Mrs. Corcoran and Mrs. Rufrano's Grade 4 class took the month of February to highlight "friendship". Each day during the month, students wrote a letter to one classmate letting them know why they are a great friend. At the end of the month, each student's letters were combined into a book. The students enjoyed writing letters to their friends and loved reading the letters that they received!



Drop and Read

Students at Central Boulevard Elementary School celebrated Read Across America Day on March 1 to honor Dr. Seuss’ Birthday.

Throughout classrooms and the library, students could be found reading Dr. Seuss books throughout the day while also engaging in fun literacy activities. Additionally, the entire school participated in a “Drop Everything and Read” event for 15 minutes as students gathered in the school’s gymnasium and all-purpose room. Students also wore Cat in the Hat-inspired headwear to honor the birthday celebration.

The students brought the fun out of reading while celebrating the birthday of one of their favorite authors, Dr. Seuss!


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Thoughtful Get Well Wishes

Students at Central Boulevard Elementary School continued the Thoughtful Thursday monthly series with the creation of “get well” cards and pictures.

The cards and pictures were designed throughout the school to help send best wishes to adults and children at St. Joseph’s Hospital, the Little St. Nick Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House. Cards included colorful drawings as well as sentiments such as “get well soon,” “thinking of you,” “warm wishes” and “sending smiles to brighten the day.”

“We hope our student-created cards will help to brighten the day of many patients, friends and families,” said second-grade teacher Patricia Tierney.  

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Read Day

Students at Central Boulevard Elementary School celebrated "Read Day Across America", in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday. They read Dr. Seuss books in their classrooms and the library media center and completed fun activities. Classes followed along with the Reader's Oath, which was read over the loudspeaker. Everyone went into the Gymnasium and All Purpose Room to "Drop Everything and Read" for 15 minutes.  Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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Thoughtful Community Meal Mats

The series of Thoughtful Thursday at Bethpage Union Free School District’s Central Boulevard Elementary School continued on Jan. 24 as students decorated placemats for Meals on Wheels recipients.

Throughout the day, students put together illustrations of food and beverage on placemats to be distributed during Meals on Wheels deliveries. They also added short positive messages surrounding the drawings.

Meals on Wheels is represented in almost every community in America as the company is committed to supporting senior neighbors to live healthier and more nourished lives in their own homes. The core of the service is a nutritious meal, companionship and a watchful eye on the health and safety of the seniors.

“We hope to brighten the day of our neighbors and spread some cheer with our decorated placements,” said second-grade teacher Patricia Tierney.

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Grade 5 Chorus Trip

On Monday, December 17, 2018, the Central Boulevard Elementary School Grade 5 Chorus attended a performance of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. The students were great audience members! 


Decorating the Kindness Tree for the Holidays

The Kindness Club at Central Boulevard Elementary School joined PTA members after school on Dec. 4 to decorate a Kindness Tree with a variety of symbols and ornaments. The tree serves as a symbol of acceptance and unity throughout the entire school year.

Members of the Kindness Club crafted the decorations in the weeks leading up to the event. The PTA’s Grounds Beautification Committee helped to organize, sort and hang the items on the tree along with the students.

The Kindness Club is an organization led by second-grade teacher Patricia Tierney and is comprised of third-grade students. Central Boulevard thanks the students and PTA members for adding reminders of acceptance and good will to the Kindness Tree during the holiday season.  

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Coding with the Grinch

Third- through fifth-grade students across the Bethpage Union Free District’s elementary schools displayed their computer science skills during the Hour of Code on Dec. 4.

The lesson was introduced through a live broadcast from the Bethpage High School television studio by Superintendent of Schools David Schneider, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Michael Spence and Director of Technology Andrew Choi. The three administrators explained the purpose of the Hour of Code and described what the students would be doing on their school-issued Google Chromebooks. 

Students logged on to to complete missions with the Grinch. Each student programed the Grinch and his dog Max through coding on the site to collect gifts, throw snowballs and operate a sleigh.

Hour of Code is a global movement presented by Computer Science Education Week and, according to its website. The program reaches millions of students in more than 180 countries through a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming.

Through the district’s Hour of Code, students were able to ask questions to Mr. Schneider, Mr. Spence and Mr. Choi via Google Classroom. Prior to Dec. 4, students completed lead-in activities surrounding computer science topics and skills.

“We hope the students enjoyed the Hour of Code and were as excited to collaborate as a district as the administrators were,” said Mr. Schneider. “Helping the Grinch was educational while combining the fun of the holidays!”

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Archive of Hour of Code Broadcast on December 4, 2018 


Illustrations and Messages Spreading Holiday Positivity

Central Boulevard Elementary School continued its monthly “Thoughtful Thursday” series on Nov. 29, when students prepared uplifting lunch bag donations for local food banks.

Students used their creativity and positive thinking to decorate brown paper bags in an effort to help spread holiday cheer. Many students illustrated rainbows, emojis and smiley faces on their bags while others colored messages of happy thoughts.

The focus of the activity was to demonstrate how the smallest acts can have the biggest impact within the community. As a result of every classroom’s participation, more than 500 lunch bags were created. 

“Thoughtful Thursday” occurs on the last Thursday of every month, when students and teachers wear “Choose Kindness” shirts and participate in activities to help reinforce the importance of being kindhearted and thoughtful.

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Tradition of Read to Achieve Continues at Bethpage

Third-grade students from all three elementary schools in the Bethpage Union Free District gathered in the gymnasium at Bethpage High School on Nov. 20 for the annual Read to Achieve program. The annual program is geared towards stressing the importance of reading and sparking the interest of young students with fun activities.

Superintendent of Schools David Schneider opened the event by thanking all who helped coordinate this year’s assembly, including the senior leaders, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Michael Spence, fellow administrators and Plainview-Bethpage Lions Club President George Hannau. Schneider followed by walking around to see the unique and creative books the third-graders brought with them.

Senior leaders split up and guided eight to ten third-graders throughout the gym floor, and each group held interactive dialogues regarding the books brought in. As discussions started to conclude, each student wrote the title of their book, the name of their favorite character and that character’s special traits on paper. The pages were glued to their respective group’s poster boards, which were then hung together on the gymnasium wall to show the variety of characters that interest students.

To conclude the event, the senior leaders introduced themselves as well as illustrations of their favorite pieces of literature. Each attendee received a gift bags containing a dictionary/almanac for their participation, compliments of the Lions Club.

The district thanks all of those that put together this enriching event every year, particularly the Lions Club and President Hannau, for supporting reading and showing why it is important on the road to success.

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21st Century: Ocean Odyssey

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, a group of Central Boulevard Elementary School students visited the National Geographic Ocean Odyssey exhibit in Times Square. Students took a virtual dive beneath the ocean to learn about endangered species, coral reefs, kelp forests, and aquatic predators. Near the end of the tour, visitors participated in hands-on activities to learn about pollution and issues related to plastic usage from around the world! Special thanks to Ms. Robb for organizing this great learning experience and to the chaperones and participating students for making the day so special and memorable!

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Proactive Superintendent’s Day

The District gathered on Nov. 6 for it’s fall Superintendent’s Conference Day, during which the various staff departments participated in presentations, workshops and activities to continue proactive learning and development as educators.

Staff members from the high school and JFK middle school along with Superintendent of School David Schneider attended morning sessions that focused on dynamic issues, led by Lauren Marra and Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, MD. Marra, a behaviorist who specializes on the topic of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, presented on proactive discipline approaches with students. Dr. Romie is a renowned neurologist that stressed the importance and techniques of mindfulness in education for both students and faculty. 

The afternoon was a time of collaboration as departments at both secondary schools traveled to the Island Trees School District and met with educators in their corresponding building and subject areas. They had opportunities to share ideas and broaden their instructional practices.

At the elementary level, faculty members from Kramer Lane, Charles Campagne and Central Boulevard broke into grade-specific groups to gain training in STEM and other pertinent topics. Led by district administrators and teachers, the STEM workshop demonstrated assorted grade-specific lessons and activities. The journeys session covered content requested by teachers and also provided time for them to discuss and navigate digital tools.

Other aspects of the day included CPR training for nurses and building monitors and the Hofstra Mental Health Conference, which was attended by guidance counselors and social workers. 

The district thanks Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Michael Spence and all that helped to coordinate and facilitate an educational day for district educators.

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Christopher Congratulated By Town of Oyster Bay

Central Boulevard Elementary School student Christopher McCarthy was recognized by the Town of Oyster Bay this past summer. Students were challenged to read for fifteen minutes everyday for forty days!  Christopher met and surpassed the challenge! Everyone who participated was provided a certificate with the Town of Oyster Bay inviting Christopher for a special photo opportunity! Congratulations to Christopher and all of the students that participated in the challenge!



Teaching and Learning from Central Boulevard Elementary School's STEM Lab

Students in Ms. Robb and Ms. McGuire's Grade 5 class are currently involved in a hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) unit where they are building structures to help humans survive or prevent damage during natural disasters. The lesson is taking place in the one of three brand new Elementary STEM Lab Classrooms across the district.  Using Lego WeDo 2.0 Kits, students built a flood gate that can be programmed to open and close when the water level reaches a certain height.  In addition, students were tasked with the added challenge of using a motion sensor.  As a follow up to this activity, students will also construct a rescue helicopter that can drop off supplies for people in need of rescue.  The lesson was featured on FiOS 1 News and Newsday Online and can be accessed at the links below.  Special thanks to Ms. Robb, Ms. McGuire, Ms. Marcis, and Ms. Karfinkel for the development of the hands-on lesson and support of their students!

FiOS 1 News Feature

Newsday Online Feature


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