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Central Boulevard Elementary School

60 Central Blvd.
Bethpage, NY 11714

PRINCIPAL: Mr. Steven Furrey

Main Office:
516-644-4300 (Phone)
516-644-4309 (Fax)

In the News

Digital Escape

Fifth grade students at Central Boulevard Elementary School participated in a digital escape room during their Library Class. They used ELA skills of finding hidden words, determining cause and effect, making an inference, and identifying homophones to escape the pirates and find the treasure!

Photo Gallery


Kindness Club Explores "A New Kind of Kind"

The students in the Central Boulevard Kindness Club have become published authors! These kind Grade 2 and Grade 3 students have worked all year on creating a book about how to be kind to each other while following guidelines to be safe during a pandemic. With the help of Student Treasurers, the members of the Kindness Club created a book called "A New Kind of Kind". The book mentions ways to be safe while being kind from A-Z. Mrs. Mutch and Ms. Olsen are extremely proud of all of the students' hard work and are happy to share this book with the Bethpage Community!

student group photo of kindness


Augmented Reality

Students in Central Boulevard Elementary School used an augmented reality application called Quiver during Library classes to make their drawings pop into 3D and become animated! Planets rotated, volcanoes erupted, rain forest birds flew threw the jungle, and fire trucks raised their ladders and sprayed their hoses! Thank you to Ms. Tracy for facilitating this activity with the students!

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All County Artists

Twenty seven Bethpage School District students across Kindergarten through 12th Grade had their work featured in the 17th Annual Nassau County All County Art Exhibition. The professional gallery setting is presented virtually this year and includes two-dimensional and three-dimsensional works by 1,124 students from 45 Nassau County school districts.

Senior Savannah Boncic was one of 45 artists selected as the Senior Scholarship winner!

Congratulations to all of the students who had their work featured!

Bethpage Virtual Art Gallery


Virtual Guest Authors

Central Boulevard Elementary School, Charles Campagne Elementary School, and Kramer Lane Elementary School hosted a virtual guest author visit with Kate Klise and Sarah Klise. Kate has writted more than thirty books and her sister Sarah illustrates them. Some of the titles include "Regarding the Fountain", "Dying to Meet You", "The Greatest Star on Earth", "Shall I Knit You a Hat", and "Why Do You Cry?".  The virtual visit was shared on Google Meet with in-person students as well as remote learners.


Virtual Parent Workshops

To access the presentations from the Central Boulevard Elementary School Virtual Parent Workshops, please refer to the links below.

Developing a Growth Mindset at Home and School (Slide Deck)

The Difference Between Knowing When to Help and When Not to Help (Slide Deck)


Library Maker Space Reimagined

Students in Grades 3-5 at Central Boulevard Elementary School made creative projects in a modified Library Maker Space.  Ms. Tracy assembled maker space kits with materials from origami projects, paper snowflakes, and several types of bookmarks. She distributed them to in-person learners during Library class and mailed kits home to remote learners. Students were able to complete additional projects during indoor recess by following instructions in Ms. Tracy's Google Classroom.

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2020 Hour of Code

On Friday, December 18, 2020, Grade 3-5 students from Central Boulevard Elementary School, Charles Campagne Elementary School, and Kramer Lane Elementary School participated in Bethpage Schools FIFTH Annual Hour of Code Event.  In the days leading up to the event, students learned about what computers do, sequencing, and debugging. 

During the Hour of Code Event, students completed coding challenges from Code Monkeys: Coding Adventure with the support of Mr. Schneider, Mr. Titolo, and Mr. Choi, who joined each classroom through the live broadcast from the Bethpage High School Television Studio.  Mr. Schneider and Mr. Choi answered some questions over the broadcast.  At the conclusion of the event, each student was provided with a certificate of completion.

Special thanks to Mr. Furrey, Mrs. DiFiglia, and Mrs. McCarthy and all of the teachers for making time for their students to participate in the Fifth Annual Hour of Code Event and get a taste of computer science!  We also want to acknowledge the district's IT Department for engineering the Hour of Code broadcast.

Photo Gallery

Archive of 2020 Hour of Code


Thoughtful Thursday

For the month of October. Central Boulevard Elementary School students and teachers wanted to remind one another that they are special just the way they are! With the month's Thoughtful Thursday happening during our Red Ribbon Week, students were encouraged to show love for their peers and demonstrate why everyone is special just the way they are.

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Physically Distanced, Socially Connected

Central Boulevard Elementary School kicked off another year of "Thoughtful Thursdays". Every month, students are asked to focus on acts of kindness that support each other and our school community.  This month, Central Boulevard wanted to show that although we cannot be as connected as in the past, we are still one community. Each student created a link that is part of a chain link in the Central Boulevard lobby to symbolize that we are Physically Distant, but Socially Connected.

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21st Century Scholars Program

Attention to all Grade 4 Students and Parents!  Please refer to the video in the thread below, which will provide an overview of Bethpage Schools 21st Century Scholars Program, goals of the program, how to access the student portfolio, logging into the portfolio, parent & student responsibilities, checking point progress, and basic navigation of the portfolio.

2020-21 21st Century Scholars Program


Central Boulevard's "Smart Restart" for 2020-21

Please join Mr. Furrey as he reviews some of the new procedures for the 2020-21 school year at Central Boulevard Elementary School.

Central Boulevard Elementary School's "Smart Restart" for 2020-21


Stay Safe at School This Year

The nurses across Bethpage Schools collaborated and created a video about social distancing, the proper way to wear a mask, the proper technique to wash your hands, and how to utilize hand sanitizer.  It can be accessed at the link below.  Special thanks to Mr. Levy for filming and editing the video!

Stay Safe at School This Year


Math Olympiads

Congratulations to our top Math Olympiad finishers during the 2019-20 school year. Central Boulevard Elementary School finished as a top-performing school for the first time! Students worked from September to March on challenging math tasks, which tested their problem-solving abilities and perseverance. There were 58 participants during the school year, who competed in monthly contests. 

Stephen Lazaridis, Keira O'Shea, and Austin Yuu tied for third place. Megan Rebosa came in second place.  Mizuki Hashimoto took first place. Congratulations to all of the students for showing their mathematical prowess!

Photo Gallery


Central Boulevard Elementary School's Class of 2020 Moving Up Ceremony

Please click on the link below to access Central Boulevard Elementary School's "Class of 2020" Moving Up Ceremony.  Congratulations to all of the Grade 5 students in Central Boulevard's "Class of 2020"!

CBS Moving Up Ceremony


Central Boulevard's Virtual Art Exhibit

Central Boulevard Elementary School's Art Department has created a Virtual Art Exhibit to showcase the student's artistic talents from during the school year.  Special thanks to Ms. Rothwell for piecing together this exhibit.

CBS Virtual Art Exhibit


Welcome to Central Boulevard: Virtual Tour

Given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, Central Boulevard Elementary School has created a virtual tour of the school building for any incoming Kindergarteners and new entrants to get acquainted with their new school!  We look forward to welcoming you to Central Boulevard!

Virtual Tour


2020-21 Grade 4 Band/Orchestra

Attention Incoming 4th Grade Students! Be a part of the Band or Orchestra! All incoming Grade 4 students are invited and encouraged to join our Instrumental Music Program! We provide weekly group instruction to develop playing skills and proficiency, as well as prepare students for concert performances at the end of the year. Please click the link below to access the registration form and demonstration videos that will help you and your child explore all of the instrument choices that our program has to offer!

Students are able to rent all instruments from their elementary school for a $50.00 annual fee. We are excited to start this musical journey with you, and for your child to experience the lifelong benefits of instrumental music.  Sign up today!

4th Grade Band and Orchestra


2020-21 Grade 3 Violin Program

3rd Grade Students! Learn to play the violin! All incoming Grade 3 students are invited to sign up for violin lessons next year! This is a great introduction to the Bethpage instrumental music program, which continues with Band and Orchestra in Grade 4 and Grade 5.  Please click on the link below for more registration information and program details!

Students who participate in the Grade 3 Violin Program will be able to rent an instrument from their elementary school for a $50.00 annual fee. Children will receive group instruction weekly and will be able to participate in a public performance in the spring.

3rd Grade Violin Program


Going for the Gold: ESY Special Olympics

ESY students at the Special Olympics at Bethpage High School. thumbnail188305
ESY students at the Special Olympics at Bethpage High School.

In a continuation of their partnership with the New York Special Olympics, the Bethpage School District Extended School Year Program held an internal, culminating event with students and staff on August 6. The students practiced a variety of events from running to the balance beam during their summer physical education classes.

Additionally, the ESY EATS program donated some of their proceeds to the Special Olympics. ESY teacher Dayna Vollmuth and Coordinator of Vocational Experiences Ryan Catterson presented Vice President of Downstate Operations for Special Olympics New York Diane Colonna with a check at the beginning of the event.

"Friday's ESY Special Olympics event was nothing short of incredible. We had the opportunity to continue our partnership with Special Olympics New York and celebrate our students and watch them have a blast during the various events. It felt amazing to have parents, students, staff members and community members all in one place again with smiles on their faces," ESY Principal Julianne Tierney said. 

Special thanks to the ESY Physical Education teachers Mike Posch and Jeff Hack for putting so much work into this event. The district is so proud of these amazing students and looks forward to working with Special Olympics New York again in the future! 


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