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In the News

Grade 5 Students Perform God Bless America

As a part of the Grade 5 Moving Up Ceremony at Charles Campagne Elementary School, the students sang "God Bless America" and performed sign language to go along with the lyrics. 


Authors' Celebration

The first grade students, teachers, and Mrs. Saltzman celebrated 70 published authors of non-fiction books! Our Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Clark, and Director of English Language Arts, Dr. Hannon, were here to learn new facts from the experts themselves! The childrens' books consisted of a Table of Contents, three chapters, photos with captions, a Parts of a Page, Fun Facts, and a Glossary.  Congratulations to all of our young authors!

Pictures from Authors' Celebration

Butterflies Migrate to Charles Campagne

The students of Charles Campagne Elementary School received packages with paper butterflies designed by students from all over the United States, a few from Canada, a few from Mexico, and one from Germany! With the help of our librarian, Mrs. Ivers, the Grade 3 students participated in the fall symbolic migration of the butterflies South by making their own paper butterflies to send to Mexico. In the spring, they received new paper butterflies from students all over the United States who also sent butterflies to Mexico. The symbolic migration mimics the actual migration of the monarch butterflies. Each packet came with a letter written in Spanish from a teacher in Mexico. All of the paper butterflies had messages written to students in Spanish as well.  The students enjoyed looking at these creative and colorful butterflies. They also enjoyed trying to translate the Spanish message into English. Students used the Google Chromebooks and the Journey North website to put our butterflies on the map.

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Learning About Culture through Dance

On Thursday, May 19, 2016, an interactive cultural arts program called "Dance Around the World" came to perform for the students at Charles Campagne. Dance and dance stories from Spain, India, Egypt, Latin America, and North America were woven into a dynamic display of expressive movements, powerful rhythms, and rich colorful costumes. We all had a great time listening and dancing to music from around the globe. In the afternoon, Grade 3 students participated in a dance workshop with the artist, Ramzi El-Edlibi. Ramzi is a graduate of the Lebanese School of Dance and has a degree in Classical Ballet from the Conservatoria de Madrid. He has choreographed, performed, and taught through the United States and in the Middle East, France, Russia, Spain, and Japan! The students had a wonderful time learning the modern Indian dance from Bollywood.

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Maritime Festival

Bethpage High School held its annual Maritime Festival on May 18, 2016 and May 19, 2016 under the direction of Mr. Portuese. All of the Grade 3 students in the district came to Bethpage High School to learn about our ecosystem on Long Island. There were all kinds of workshops including a touch tank, fish painting, scuba diving, making rope, fish dissection, and Gilligan Island miniature golf! Special thanks to all of the Grade 3 students who joined us and to all of the Bethpage High School students who assisted the staff in running the festival! It was a great success!

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Art Contest Winner

Students in Grades 2-5 participated in Senator Marcellino's Earth Day Poster Contest with Mrs. Hermann in Art and Ms. Ivers in the Library. Claire Lim (Grade 2) was the winner of the contest. You can visit Senator Marcellino's page on the New York State Senate website to see Claire's poster as well as the other student entries submitted from Charles Campagne Elementary School. 

Hurricane Preparedness

On May 17, 2016, Charles Campagne fifth grade students participated in a live webinar about hurricanes. The presentation was facilitated by Mrs. Janice Yale, the Director of Science K-12 and featured scientists from the University of Rhode Island and NOAA National Weather Hurricane Center. Students were able to see what the eye of a hurricane looks like, learn how hurricanes are named, and to virtually tour the planes used to fly into hurricanes in order to record scientific data. The classes were also able to ask questions of the scientists and learn how to be better prepared in the event of a hurricane.

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Austim Awareness Month

On Saturday, April 2, 2016 (World Autism Awareness Day), students from Charles Campagne Elementary School and Central Boulevard Elementary School participated in a 21st Century activity to decorate the halls and fence at Charles Campagne for Autism Awareness Month. Students worked hard to make puzzle pieces and put them on every classroom door.  They also decorated the lobby with blue Autism Speaks donation cards.  Students put blue cups on the fence outside of Charles Campagne to make three ribbons in honor of Autism Awareness Month. Ms. Tierney, Mrs. Fishbein, Ms. Gonyon, and Ms. Marvullo would like to thank all of the great participants for all of their hard work. We hope everyone continues to "Light it up Blue" this month!

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Elementary Musicians Perform at the Long Island Recorder Festival

On Saturday, March 19, 2016, select Grade 4 and Grade 5 students from Central Boulevard, Charles Campagne, and Kramer Lane Elementary Schools participated in this year's Long Island Recorder Festival. The students had the opportunity to perform alongside the top recorder players from Nassau and Suffolk County in a concert at Brentwood High School! Mr. Wibben was one of the special guest-conductors! Special thanks to the Bethpage PTA's for providing the students' wonderful matching shirts and to Mrs. Kovacs for chaperoning and helping the day run smoothly!

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Read to Achieve

Bethpage High School welcomed the district's Grade 3 students for the annual Read to Achieve program.  Thanks to all the Bethpage High School sports team captains, who took the time to talk about their favorite books and to Joe Tierney for emphasizing academics in his remarks as emcee.  Thanks also to the Cheerleaders and the Kickline Team who came out to perform.  Students received a backpack with goodies and a Student Dictionary/Almanac compliments of the Lion's Club and Astoria Bank.  All the teachers involved gave a basketball clinic before the Grade 3 students had the opportunity to shoot hoops with the BHS students.  Thank you to Grade 3 teacher, Mr. Arettines for creating the slideshow highlighting the event.


Halloween Kindness

Teachers at CCS dressed up as "The Kindness Police" for Halloween. The costumes kept with the school's character education theme of "Choose To Be Kind."

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