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  • Google Drive Tools
         1. Introduction to Google Drive (signing in, navigating to Google Drive, creating folders, moving docs to folders)
         2. Creating a Google Doc (creating a doc, naming the doc, features)
         3. Creating a Google Slide (creating a slide deck, selecting a theme, features, creating new slides, layouts,
             transitions/animations, naming the slide deck
         4. Creating a Google Form (creating a form, naming the form, question types, required question indicator, adding
             additional questions, previewing the form, sending the form to others
    adding collaborators)
         5. Analyzing Results from a Google Form (accessing responses sheet, creating an answer key, analyzing results from a
             Google Form, using the Flubaroo add-on to grade a submitted assessment, question analysis based on metrics
         6. Google Contacts (accessing through G-Mail, accessing through app launcher, creating a new group, adding contacts
             to a group, e-mailing a group
         7. Sharing on Google Drive (choosing to share with individuals or contact group, share options, shared with me folder,
             making a copy of a view only document, documents shared with you that are view only, editable, or comments)

         8. Collaboration on Google Drive (viewing who is actively working on a shared document, demonstration of live
             collaboration, review of revision history
         9. Uploading Files to Google Drive (uploading Microsoft Powerpoint files, opening Powerpoint file in Google Slides,
             uploading Microsoft Word files, opening Microsoft Word files in Google Docs
        10. Google Drive Organization (creating folders, creating sub-folders, color-coding, organizing the shared with me folder,
              tracking storage
        11. Google Tasks Synchronization with Google Calendar (creating to-do/task lists to appear in your Google Calendar)


  • Google Takeout - "Take Your Files with You"
         1. Google Takeout, Part 1 of 2 (selecting data to archive, choosing export file type, and delivery method)
         2. Google Takeout, Part 2 of 2 (downloading the archive once it has been prepared; view of the completed archive)




Last Updated: June 5, 2019; 10:50 AM

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