Corporate and Community Sponsors


The Bethpage Academy of Technology has developed a series of strategic partnerships with corporate and community sponsors. The contributions have varied- internships, hardware, guest speakers, offsite visitations, staff development, and curriculum assistance. The Bethpage Schools have returned the favor with use of facilities, demonstrations of technologies for other school districts and access to staff for surveys/focus groups. We appreciate the generosity of our sponsors and look forward to our continued relationships. If your company would like to participate in a partnership with us, please contact John DeTommaso, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Technology.


Cablevision Systems Corporation has been a major benefactor of the Bethpage Schools. The partnership has developed over the past four years. Cablevision has purchased a new computer lab for the community (located in Bethpage High School) and has provided staff development and guest speakers to talk to students about careers in the IT field. Check out their Power To Learn education site!
Dell Computers has provided assistance to our program by providing technical assistance and guest speakers to our Computer Architecture students. Bethpage has standardized on Dell as the vendor of choice based on price and reliability.
Cisco Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of network hardware. Bethpage High School was the first Cisco Local Academy in a Nassau County school district. Guest speakers have talked to our students and our students have made visitations to the Cisco Technology Lab in Melville for first hand demonstrations of new technologies.
ClassLink Technologies is the leading Citrix vendor in the education market. ClassLink set up the Thin-Client lab in the High School and then trained every student on how to use the technology both in school and from home.
Jaguar Graphics is one of the leading designers and printers of book covers for hardcover publishers. A nationally recognized company, they have invited Bethpage High School students to their Bethpage plant for presentations and tours.
Panduit is a leading vendor of cable and molding for data installations. Panduit has provided our students with hands-on demonstration of important tasks like terminating fiber optic cable. (Pictured above is Mark Carter of Panduit teaching to our faculty and students).
Rainbow Media is a leading entertainment network that owns or manages News 12, IFC, We, Fox Sports, FUSE and IFC and owns Madison Square Garden. Bethpage students were provided a tour of the Network Center where video editing is done.
Lightpath Communications is an advanced provider of communication services in the metropolitan area. Bethpage students have been invited on several occassions to tour the network operating center.