Curriculum Requirements


The Bethpage Academy of Technology has a rigorous curriculum leading to an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology or an Advanced Diploma in New Media. Listed below are the course offerings for certification from the Academy. To attain a diploma in either category, five semesters of study must be successfully completed.


Advanced Diploma in
Information Technology*
Advanced Diploma in New Media*
  • Web Design (Grade 8) (1 Semester)
  • Computer Architecture (1 Semester)
  • Cisco Academy (4 Semesters)
  • Computer Programming
    (2 Semesters)
  • AP Computer Science (2 Semesters)
  • Web Design (Grade 8) (1 Semester)
  • Computer Assisted Design (1 Semester)
  • Computer Architecture (1 Semester)
  • Computer Graphics (1 Semester)
  • Multimedia Design (1 Semester)
  • Advanced Web Design (1 Semester)
  • Digital Photography (1 Semester)
* Five Semesters of Study Required

NOTE: Students enrolled in the Bethpage Academy of Technology must complete all the requirements for a New York State Regents Diploma as outlined by the New York Board of Regents.