Two students smiling and playing a game together

Students in Central Boulevard Elementary School’s We Belong Club celebrated games from around the world on Monday, March 27, 2023. Advised by school librarian Ashley Scotto, the We Belong Club is new to Central Boulevard. It focuses on celebrating students’ diverse backgrounds and encourages them to embrace their differences. The 21 club members range from third grade to fifth grade and meet every Monday after school. They share their own cultures and traditions with their peers, celebrate different holidays, and participate in related crafts and activities.

During the March 27th meeting, each student shared what their favorite game is to play at home. Following their discussion, Ms. Scotto taught the students about some games from around the world. The students learned how to play Mancala which originated from East Africa. They quickly caught on to the rules of the game and enjoyed playing each other. Another group of students worked together to complete a 500-piece puzzle of Italy.

The students will continue learning new games at their next meeting where they will play Chung Toi and Abalone. The We Belong Club has been a great way for students to expand their worldly views and to celebrate what makes each of them unique!