2022-23 Bethpage Water District

Bethpage Schools and Bethpage Water District joined forces to explore the world of water.  The Bethpage Water District hosted Grade 5 students from Central Boulevard Elementary School, Charles Campagne Elementary School, and Kramer Lane Elementary School at their water treatment plant.  Students had the opportunity to see the five-step process of water treatment in person.  While on the tour, students learned about the different treatment steps and how they make Bethpage water the best in New York.  Prior to their visit, the students learned about the Water Cycle and the interactions among Earth’s atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere in class.   

The Bethpage Water District is hosting a water conservation poster contest asking the students to show how THEY could conserve water. There will be three winners chosen in each elementary school and an award ceremony will be held in June at the Bethpage Public Library.