Ms. Scotto and students utilizing new seating in the library

Students from Central Boulevard Elementary School returned to a newly renovated library for the 2023-2024 school year. The renovation took place during the summer months as part of the Bethpage Union Free School District’s bond projects which passed in 2021.

Central Boulevard’s library is a warm and inviting space, featuring fresh paint on the walls and new carpet and furniture. Upon entering the renovated library, one will see a new mobile circulation desk and tables and chairs with wheels to encourage collaboration. Flexible seating is a common theme within the library as students have the option to utilize comfortable floor cushions, benches, and floor rocking chairs as they read. 

To maximize book space, all the library bookcases received an upgrade. Aside from two large moveable cube-shaped bookcases, some of the library’s new bookcases contain end caps for students to easily see specific book selections. According to Ashley Scotto, Central Boulevard’s Library Media Specialist, these end caps will feature different books each month based on the curriculum and special events or holidays.

One of the most noticeable differences is the size of the library which was expanded due to the removal of a wall. The library now features a MakerSpace which can be used for small group instruction and which houses different technology-based learning tools (coding, robotics, etc.). The library also includes a new Zen Den, featuring a sensory bin and a Chrome Zone, for Chromebooks.  

“The new library at Central Boulevard reflects our school’s goal to nurture students’ into being responsible and caring global and digital citizens,” said Ms. Scotto. “With new dynamic spaces such as a Chrome Zone and Zen Den, students and staff needs are addressed. Our library is now a learning hub that celebrates reading and Central Boulevard’s diverse audiences.”