Our Site Based Team is excited to share with you our project to create a school cookbook. We invite you to contribute to this special collection that will celebrate our community.

Our goal is to compile a cookbook that not only showcases delicious recipes but also reflects the rich tapestry of our school’s families and their unique cultural traditions. We believe that food is a powerful way to connect, share stories, and appreciate our community.

We encourage you to share your cherished family recipes that have been passed down through generations or ones that hold significance in your family. Whether it's a comforting dish enjoyed during the holidays or a recipe that brings back fond memories, every contribution will add a unique flavor to our cookbook.

To submit your recipe, please click the link below. We have provided you a sample and formatted a page to add:


* When you open the link it will force you to make a copy prior to adding your recipe. There are a few samples for you to view.*

  1. Family Recipe Name

  2. Flag of origin

  3. Ingredients and precise measurements

  4. Cooking Directions

  5. A brief note about the significance of the recipe in your family

  6. Feel free to add a photo of the recipe

  7. Upon completion of your recipe slide, please share with me at