Central Boulevard PARP Assembly

CBS  students celebrated the month long  of PARP activities centered around the theme Wild About Reading with an unforgettable assembly from Uncle Tony's Reptile Shack. Uncle Tony, the owner of the reptile shack captivated the students with an array of creatures including snakes, to color changing chameleons, an alligator snapping turtle, and the star of the show, Mrs. T., the tarantula. The students and school buzzed with excitement as the students had the opportunity to touch and learn about these fascinating reptiles.  Ms. Scotto fulfilled her promise to the students as she bravely faced her fears by holding a tarantula as the students submitted reading minutes to fill up the giraffe in the lobby. She encouraged the student to embrace challenges sharing, "If I can do hard or scary things then you can do them." 

This PARP month celebration at CBS not only fostered a love for reading but also inspired a sense  of bravery and curiosity. Thank you to the CBS PTA for providing this great assembly for the students.