Two girls holding their completed placemats

Students from Central Boulevard Elementary School recently celebrated Thoughtful Thursday with a holiday-themed service activity. Each student in grades K-5 created a placemat to mark the beginning of the upcoming new year. The placemats will be laminated and then donated to a local Bristol Assisted Living for the senior citizens to use around the New Year or for their New Year’s Eve dinners.

Each placemat had a different layout based on grade level. However, every student had the same goal in mind – create something that would make the senior citizens smile. Younger students filled out two boxes that read “In 2024, be…” and “In 2024, think…” They wrote examples such as “be kind” and “think positive thoughts.” Older students completed a placement with 10 boxes on it. Inside the boxes, they included something to look forward to in 2024. Students used crayons and markers to make their placemats stand out. Each class looks forward to having community members use their creations to celebrate the upcoming new year!