Group photo of SPEC Club with Lia and Family

Members of Bethpage High School’s Students Putting an End to Cancer Club (SPEC), recently raised approximately $1,400 to give back to a family from Charles Campagne Elementary School that unfortunately knows childhood cancer too well. 

Led by advisor Chris DeStefano, the club not only wanted to raise awareness but also wanted to help someone in their own community who has been impacted by cancer. They organized an online apparel fundraiser where they sold T-shirts, crewnecks, long sleeve shirts and hoodies to support Lia Esposito, a first grader from Charles Campagne Elementary School who recently battled kidney cancer and underwent six months of chemotherapy.

The SPEC Club, along with Superintendent of Schools Dave Schneider, Bethpage High School Principal Nicholas Jantz and Charles Campagne Elementary School Principal Erin Lindsay-DiFiglia, met with Lia and her family on Feb. 15 in the Bethpage High School auditorium to present a $1,000 check to Lia in her name.

“We are so grateful to be part of such an amazing community,” Lia’s mother Giuseppina Esposito said. “Everyone has been so amazing and supportive to my daughter during this time. It feels really good.”

Aside from the $1,000 that went directly to Lia, the SPEC Club donated the remaining proceeds from the fundraiser to Cohen Children’s Hospital in Lia’s name and to the American Cancer Society. The club members strive to continue supporting those who have been impacted by cancer and look forward to holding more fundraisers in the future.