CBS' Argonauts presented their design engineering projects. Their presentations were amazing as the students showcased their entrepreneurial mindset through pitching their problem, solution, cost and profit margin with original ideas. Watch out "Shark Tank!"
about 17 hours ago, Dominique Siebert
Argo 1
Argo 2
argo 4
Argo 5
Argo 6
Argo 7
So proud of our First Graders in Ms. Monoyos' class showing off their regrouping skills! They shared, "We can do hard things!"
about 17 hours ago, Dominique Siebert
Math Gr1
Math 2
math 3
Incredible special morning at CBS honoring our Law Enforcement and First Responders for their dedication and service. Thank you for all you do each and every day!
4 days ago, Dominique Siebert
Student Council
All County
The students at CBS are loving the new playgrounds! Their laughter and smiles are proof of how much joy these new spaces are bringing to their playtime.
5 days ago, Dominique Siebert
CBS Playground
CBS Playground
CBS Playground
Join us tomorrow for our 1st Annual Law Enforcement and First Responder parade at 9:15am outside of CBS!
5 days ago, Julianne Inghilterra
Bethpage Schools hosted their 8th Annual Hour of Code Event. The live broadcast was hosted by Mr. Schneider & Mrs. Inghilterra & allowed students in Grades 3-5 to solve coding challenges. Mr. Choi, Arsh Singh (Gr 12) & Miraj Shah (Gr 12) aided students by answering questions.
4 months ago, Andrew Choi
2023-24 Hour of Code-01
2023-24 Hour of Code-02
2023-24 Hour of Code-03
2023-24 Hour of Code-04
Central Boulevard Elementary School students got a visit from Samar Singh (Bethpage High School Class of 2022) to learn about engineering and STEM and participate in a STEM challenge. Special thanks to Ms. Robb, Samar's Grade 5 teacher in 2014-15 for organizing the event.
4 months ago, Andrew Choi
2023-24 Samar STEM-01
2023-24 Samar STEM Visit-02
CBS Samar Visit-03
2023-24 Samar Visit-04
Bethpage is the hub of FIRST LEGO League Robotics this weekend as we host the opening LI practice round at CBS. 58 teams coming to prepare for a great season.
5 months ago, Dave Schneider
Bethpage Schools is excited to partner with FIRST Long Island to host the FIRST Lego League Challenge Practice Tournament. 56 teams from across LI will visit Central Boulevard School over the course of the weekend to practice before their regional event. Good luck to all teams!
5 months ago, Andrew Choi
FLL Challenge Practice-01
FLL Challenge Practice-02
FLL Challenge Practice-03
FLL Challenge Practice-04
Members of the Central Boulevard Builders, the building's FIRST Lego League Challenge Robotics Team, came in on Saturday, November 18, 2023 to work on their robot and mission piece builds with Ms. Robb!
6 months ago, Andrew Choi
2022-23 CBS Robotics-01
Students and staff from Central Boulevard Elementary School recently raised $2,396 for Ronald McDonald House Charities through their Coins for a Cause fundraiser! Great job!
6 months ago, Bethpage Schools
Building administrators, students and Ronald McDonald House representative with check
On Friday, October 6, 2023, the district's STEM Discovery 6 educators along with the FIRST Lego League Challenge advisors/coaches got hands-on training on the brand new Lego Spike Prime Kits that will be used to support the STEM classes and robotics!
8 months ago, Andrew Choi
2023-24 Lego Spike Prime 03
2023-24 Lego Spike Prime 02
2023-24 Lego Spike Prime 01
Thank you to the Central Boulevard PTA for supporting our math program. Many CBS students completed the summer math packet and 30 lucky students won a Carvel gift card compliments of the CBS PTA.
8 months ago, John Titolo
CBS Carvel Gift Card Winners
After a successful first installment earlier in the month, Ms. Robb facilitated another "Mathletes Helping Mathletes" activity on July 26, 2023. Mathletes from Central Boulevard Elementary School worked with Mathletes from Bethpage High School to solve mathematics problems.
10 months ago, Andrew Choi
2023-24 Mathletes-01
2023-24 Mathletes-02
2023-24 Mathletes-03
2023-24 Mathletes-04
In the first ever installment of "Mathletes Helping Mathletes", the Mathletes from Central Boulevard Elementary School partnered with Mathletes from Bethpage High School who worked together to solve a set of challenging mathematics problems organized by Ms. Robb.
10 months ago, Andrew Choi
2023-24 Mathletes Helping Mathletes-01
2023-24 Mathletes Helping Mathletes-02
2023-24 Mathletes Helping Mathletes-03
2023-24 Mathletes Helping Mathletes-04
2023-24 Mathletes Helping Mathletes-05
2023-24 Mathletes Helping Mathletes-06
Special thanks to the Regal Eagles for working with the Extended School Year (ESY) Program to assist with Lego activities to support STEM and for Ms. Robb for her planning!
10 months ago, Andrew Choi
2023-24 Regal Eagles at ESY-01
2023-24 Regal Eagles at ESY-02
2023-24 Regal Eagles at ESY-03
2023-24 Regal Eagles at ESY-04
The Regal Eagles will be hosting a car wash fundraiser on Saturday, July 8, 2023 from 10 AM to 2 PM at Bethpage HS Stewart Avenue Entrance. Proceeds will help to support the Regal Eagles upcoming build & competition season as well as create mini-grants for robotics teams in need
11 months ago, Andrew Choi
2023-24 Regal Eagles Car Wash
Our Elementary Drama club with a top notch performance of Shrek Jr. A dedicated group of students and staff supporting their passion for the Arts.
11 months ago, Dave Schneider
A Bethpage Classic. The Maritime Festival at BHS for our elementary students. CBS here today to enjoy the activities set up by Mr. Portuese and his crew of students and staff members. A great connection to their Science unit.
12 months ago, Dave Schneider
Bethpage's Elementary Schools' Hackathon Teams are getting ready to make their way over to the Willets Road School to participate in this year's rendition of the Code Conquest Hackathon! 🦅🖥️
about 1 year ago, Andrew Choi
2022-23 Code Conquest Hackathon