Distance Learning Resources

21st Century Scholars Program

Introduction to the 21st Century Scholars Program: Intended Audience for Video: Grades 4-5
(overview/refresher that includes information about the program, goals, how to access the portfolio, logging into the portfolio, parent & student responsibilities, checking point progress, basic navigation of the portfolio)


Google Apps for Education (G-Suite)


  • Blooket (logging in with Google credentials, creating a Blooket, adding questions or importing from an existing Quizlet, playing/hosting a Blooket, game options (Cafe, Factory, Battle Royale, Racing, Tower of Doom, Classic), joining as a student)

Doc Hub

  • Doc Hub (uploading PDF to Google Drive, choose PDF and launching Doc Hub in student workflow, add text to PDF, moving text, highlighting text, commenting, student turn-in options via e-mail, shareable link, download, or export to Google Drive/Google Classroom)


  • Edpuzzle Overview (importing classes from Google Classroom, searching EdPuzzle collections, posting EdPuzzle content to Google Classroom, editing videos to add questions)



  • Gimkit (logging in, import content from Quizlet, how to play/facilitate, options including classic vs. team mode, game goals, join with code)


  • Kahoot (logging in, create a Kahoot, search Kahoot community for shared resources, preview questions to see student view, live/synchronous vs. assign/asynchronous, share to Google Classroom, viewing results of a completed Kahoot)

  • Kahoot Premium Plus (upgrading to Kahoot Premium Plus, logging in with Bethpage Eagles credentials, basic navigation, search Kahoot community for Kahoots shared by others, drafts, shared with me, creating a new Kahoot, importing slides, searching question bank, Kahoot options (true/false, short answer, puzzle, poll, slide), saving Google Slide as PDF prior to import into Kahoot, formatting, launching Kahoot as live/teacher paced vs. assignment/student-paced, uploading Kahoot link to Google Classroom, Twitter, or Remind, reports, groups)

  • Kahoot Teacher View (use of slide for instruction with questions to follow, short answer question, poll)

  • Kahoot Student View (logging in with Game PIN, adding nickname, example of short answer question)


  • Mote (commenting in Google Doc, Google Classroom, Google Sheets, Google Slides; adding a comment, previewing audio comment, editing a transcription, providing private Mote comments to students in Google Classroom, inserting Emojis)


Pear Deck

  • Pear Deck with Google Slides (creating an interactive slide, templates (including multiple choice, true/false, feeling emoji, template), starting a lesson (student paced vs. instructor paced), teacher view vs. student view))

PheT Science Simulations

  • PheT Simulations (resources for teachers, saving resources as a Google Doc prior to sharing with students)


  • Quizizz (importing Google Classroom, search Quizizz community for shared resources, live/synchronous vs. assign/asynchronous, editing a Quizizz, using the "teleport" option to add questions)


  • Slido for Google Slides (create Slido session, accessing via Google Slides add-on, add poll, rating (stars), or quiz, teacher view as students interact and answer questions, feedback for quiz responses for teachers)



Workflow for Teaching Students Learning In Person & Remote