Fine and Performing Arts

Department Faculty


Ms. Jackie Bakewell
Ms. Daria Barteldt
Mr. Cameron Carrella
Ms. Michelle Cooper
Ms. Kayleigh Duca
Ms. Janet Hoffner
Dr. Eric Kay
Ms. Michelle Kovacs
Ms. Jessica Sinisi
Ms. Alexandra Stewart
Ms. Nazli Todor
Ms. Kristen Warnokowski
Mr. Jonathan Wibben


Ms. Jamie Bula
Ms. Elena Cardo
Mr. Chris DeStefano
Ms. Danielle Hermann
Ms. Nancy Marra
Ms. Cristin O'Neill
Ms. Breanne Rothwell
Ms. Theresa Schneider
Ms. Gia Sonnenfeld
Ms. Courtney Young

Ms. Alyssa White
Director of Fine and Performing Arts
Phone: 516-644-4165