Bethpage Councils of PTA

District PTA Council Officers

  • Debra Higgins

  • Melissa Re-Cagna
    Vice President

  • Theresa Re

  • Tommy Calabrese
    Corresponding Secretary 

  • Christine Blake
    Recording Secretary

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The Bethpage Council of PTA's is the organizational body of all the Parent Teacher Associations of the five buildings in Bethpage Schools, including the Special Education program.

Bethpage Schools is comprised of Bethpage High School; John F. Kennedy Middle School; Central Boulevard Elementary School; Charles Campagne Elementary School; and Kramer Lane Elementary School. The Bethpage PTA's include one for each of the elementary and middle schools, a PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) at the high school, and SEPTA (Special Education PTA), which is affiliated with all school buildings within our district.

The purpose of the council is to bring together all the partners in education.

Our mission is to promote the welfare of children and youth, as stated in the policies and mission statement of National and State Parent Teacher Associations. Our role is to advise, guide, inform, instruct, and encourage the leaders of local units.

The Executive Committee looks forward to working with you.