Office of Curriculum & Instruction

Bethpage Schools have a tradition of excellence and consistently rank as some of the finest schools in the country. We encourage our students to think critically in the classroom and recognize the importance of  cultivating students who are creative and insightful.

Starting in our elementary classrooms, students learn to be inquisitive learners. Our STEAM labs offer students a place of exploration and innovative thinking. Please click here to see some of the units of study in our STEAM labs for our K-5 students. Through our programs Be an Expert in 4th Grade and Genius Hour in 5th Grade, students examine topics they are passionate about and learn to question, evaluate, and synthesize information on that topic so that they can transmit it to an audience. This past year, we introduced our Foreign Language Elementary School (FLES) program to our K-5 students so they could experience Spanish, French, and Italian. When our students enter JFK Middle School, they continue to build their written and oral communication skills through programs like Writer’s Workshop. JFK believes in nurturing every child in an inclusive school environment. From 6th through 8th grade, students are challenged to maximize their full potential from coding classes to fine arts to research to co-curricular clubs and athletics.  

Our curriculum looks to find relevance to our students’ lives as well as their future paths of study and careers. We have invested wisely in creating courses to help students find what they might want to pursue in their future. Please click here to see a listing of elective courses that are meant to give students direction before graduating Bethpage High School. Many opportunities exist for students to have experiences beyond the classroom. From our 21st Century Scholars Program to connecting with the community through service projects like Habitat for Humanity to representing Bethpage Schools on our athletic fields to being part of our music and drama program, students can find their passions and grow as individuals. Please click here to learn more about the Bethpage School District.

Mr. Michael Spence
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
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Administrative Assistants
Ms. Barbara Damiani
Ms. Jackie LaRose