Three high school students speaking with elementary class

Elementary school students in Grades 3-5 recently learned the importance of self-acceptance and self-care with the help of middle and high school students. Members of Bethpage High School’s SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) club visited Central Boulevard Elementary School and Kramer Lane Elementary School, while John F. Kennedy Middle School’s National Junior Honor Society members visited Charles Campagne Elementary School to present to classes.

The secondary school students spoke to the elementary students about positive affirmations and how to embrace yourself. The students learned how to celebrate their uniqueness and watched a video of author Grace Byers reading her book “I Am Enough,” which reiterated the message of being kind to yourself and having confidence.

After watching the video, elementary students worked on a culminating activity. They each drew a photo of their face and surrounded it with words or sentences about what makes them special. Afterwards, some students presented their worksheets to their class.

The collaboration was a positive way for the secondary school students to educate others on how to boost their self-confidence, while also strengthening their own public speaking skills. In return, the elementary students enjoyed looking up to the middle schoolers and high schoolers on this important topic.