2022-23 BHS Hackathon

On Friday, May 19, 2023, Bethpage Bytes -- Bethpage High School's Hackathon Team -- participated in the KidOyo Code Conquest High School Division Hackathon.  The event was hosted at Eastport South Manor Junior Senior High School and featured eighteen teams from across Long Island.

Formatted in alignment with the board game, Risk, the hackathon challenged teams of eight students to solve programming challenges to earn "territories" during the three-hour event.  An accurate solve earns the team the territory, however, if the judges deem that another team submitted a stronger response, the territory can be awarded to that other team.  The team that earned the most points at the end of the challenge was deemed the winner.

While hovering towards the top of the leaderboard throughout the event, Bethpage Bytes exhibited great strategy and collaboration to earn top honors and win the hackathon event! This marks the first ever victory by Bethpage Schools in the KidOyo Code Conquest Hackathon!

Bethpage Bytes was awarded a trophy, that will be on display in the Bethpage High School Main Office until next year's event, where the team will return for their title defense!

Congratulations to Leon LaSpina and Chris Attard for their mentorship and support of the team and all of the student participants!

Jackson Boyle
Zoe Chinda
Ankur Raghavan
Aaryan Rupesh
Miraj Shah (Captain)
Arsh Singh
Matthew Tusa
Jessica Wojnicki